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Joy Earle’s passion for all women to know who they are in Christ and to remain unique in that relationship, is the force that drives her to tell her stories. 
Her ministry of encouragement will not only have you doubled over in laughter, but at some moment in the service, you’ll probably cry. She will lift you to worship the Almighty, while God applies the healing balm of His Word.

Life Love and Laughter 
Joy's testimony and introduction to her "Circle of Love." The list includes: Love,   Friendship,  Forgiveness, Laughter, and Hope.
If you did not know her before this event, you will feel like she is a member of your own family when she is finished!

Who Am I and What Am I Doing?
Based on Romans 7:15, the Apostle Paul laments, “Why do I do the bad stuff when I don’t want to?......”  Joy gives a blow by blow account of a day when she “blew” it.  The story leads to an account in scripture of our identity as children of God.

Timeless- Winter Spring Summer and Fall
Travel with Joy through all of the seasons of a woman's life and take a hilarious look at what can happen and what will happen if you don't watch yourself!
Finding the fun in every age  is the medicine that calms the woman's spirit.  Addressing ALL issues and hard facts with hilarious stories of real life is Joy's way of bringing the laughter and life to the process of growing as a woman that God loves.

Drop the Mask.......!
Joy's journey and humbling experience with life failures and disappointments only
to find herself having major surgery, rehabilitation and a new chapter of life that she never saw coming.  To say this is a comical view would be an understatement
When we try to mask our pain and heartbreak we just delay the blessing that comes from humbling ourselves to His leadership in our lives and embracing the future with hope.

Good News .... It's Christmas!
Now that holiday preparation begins commercially before Halloween,  women become inundated with ads, recipes and pinterest ideas of every kind.  Women of every age can relate to this timely message of laying it down and celebrating the gift.
From family gift lists to tangled lights and burned casseroles, Joy gives you an insde look at her experiences and her present reality when it comes to the best gifts and the disappointment of receiving something that was definitely not on her list!   
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11
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Bible Study or Breakout Sessions:

Push Out to the Deep!
Are you tired?  Do you feel like there is no way out of the day to day "nothingness" that you feel?
Luke 5:1 is the basis of Joy's personal stories of God's word applied to our personal lives when God commands us to trust Him and go further and grow deeper.   When we experience the blessing of placing all of our life in His strong hands, we experience the miracle of seeing our nets so full they may just burst!

Climbers or Lookyluuuus?
Matthew 5, there were large crowds pressing in to hear the Master.  He began to lead them up the side of the mountainous terrain.
Do you want to follow Him where He leads?  Will you follow even if the road is rocky, uncomfortable and at times lonely?   Are you willing to sit in an uncomfortable place or eat horrible tasting food if it means He is there ?  
Question:  Are you climbing  or are you watching from below to see what happens, never experiencing the touch of His words to you. The details of this teaching are life changing.

Joy Earle has a variety of titles that lend themselves to speak to the souls of women today.