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Joy's Story of the day

Um, it has been a while?

by joy earle on 08/17/18

Oh dear me, it has been years since my last post on my very own website?  Yes, said but true.  

It has been a hectic few years, where do I begin?  
People round my parts do not call me Joy anymore they call me Gaga!  I have four yes FOUR grands and grand they are!
My daughter Jensen started the ball rolling in 2015 with Judah Kesler Walter, Gaga's sweetheart full of sass and crazy just like his Mom and I am so grateful God did that to her!  James the oldest was not to be outdone so he upped the anty with twin daughters in August of 2016!  Emilia Mae and Evelyn Kay Earle entered the world and I do believe it spun a bit faster for me!  They absolutely have us wrapped around their fingers.
This past December yet one more son for my daughter emerged and came into our family, Canon James Walter aka Canman Canonball and Gingerbread....yep ya'll all that red hair just makes me melt.
Jeff and I have stayed together as of this writing LOL and frankly we love this empty nest thing, seriously why do people cry about it?!?!?!  I want you to know something, God intends for you to prosper, live to love and give, live to see the glory of God, live to proclaim His mercies and glorious wonders of His love.  
Please bear with me as I unpack the last few years story by story...the journey begins today.
You are loved!

Thank you thank you thank you......!

by joy earle on 02/28/15

The phone conversation went something like this, "Chris this is Joy, I love love love the gift you made by hand for Jensen and Jesse's baby nursery!  Thank you for your thoughtfulness and care, I am so grateful."    Her response, "I love that you are so pleased and you have made my day by taking time to call and thank me, because you know Joy, sometimes when you are making something from specs and you know the heart of the person you want them to be not only pleased but blessed.  Thank YOU for that today."

I realized this morning after hanging up the phone that God's children  have been given the greatest gift of all.  We have been given life as God lives it.  I know this for certain, my heart will always exalt and thank the God of my praise, He loves to hear my song of thanksgiving expressing my heartfelt thanks for He saw me, sought me, won me, and placed me into His family.  So.....I will sing.

"Lord!  Thank you  thank you  thank you!"

that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent. Lord my God, I will praise you forever.  Psalms 30:12

I had no idea....

by joy earle on 02/04/15

So my husband tells me that I need to back off and stop acting so needy when my newly married and out of the house children come to visit.
What?  Me needy?  I had no idea!
He said "You act like you are desperate for them to like you and you are making everyone feel uncomfortable.  You are a bit over the top at times, you need to stop crying when they hug you and waving goodbye until the car is out of sight, it's creepy."
Um what?  No! I had no idea!  I am fine!  I am just so happy that they are happy being married and out of the house and on their own and I love being with them and just wish they would call more, come see us more often, tell us what they are doing every day......oh dear Lord, he is right.  Dang I hate when God uses my husband's wisdom to speak to me.
Honestly?  I knew.
I thought I had everyone fooled, even myself.  I tried to appear completely fine with the fact that my once full and lively household had dwindled down to two people coming and going and eating in front of the television rather than the once full table and talking to their if they were their children. 
Well I guess my attempt to disguise my grieving heart failed and I had been found out.   My husband exposed the truth in that moment and I had no defense, I was a sad empty nester and it was pitiful.  I wasn't cool relevant Joy anymore I was (in my mind) pathetic old unwanted and ready for senior living Joy.

Funny thing about the truth, it heals.
Initially the delivery of the truth cut deep but the healing came when I embraced it and accepted life on His terms. 

Joyful Joy is back, taking baby steps with each passing moment trusting in a loving and merciful Heavenly Father to surround me and catch me when my footing isn't so sure.  Relevance, style and confidence have returned as well and are humbly contained.   I still talk to the dogs and sometimes eating on the floor with the hubs in front of the fire is quite romantic:)  I had no idea.........that this new way of living could be so wonderful.

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart
Lean not to your own understanding
Proverbs 3:5

"When I fall down you pick me up
When I am dry you fill my cup,
You are my all in all."
Taken from "You Are My All in All"  by Dennis Jernigan

Um, ok, so what happened?/

by joy earle on 03/14/11

Jeff and I got engaged on December 24, 1985, and as soon as someone arrived at the church the next morning I was trying to schedule a wedding, (i had to cement the date, just in case Jeff had had a lapse in judgment!)
We wanted May but it was a "No Go", so we opted for April, but the church needed the sanctuary for the huge Easter Extravaganza!
We then went to March, (two months of planning?) and they had the 15th, my sister says, "No, beware the ides of March!"  Frankly, I thought the same thing, not very good for a new beginning if you know what I mean.
So, we were given the last option for the sanctuary before August, and it was March 8, 1986, we took it! 
Fast forward, I have been married 25 years!
One summer afternoon I began feeling a bit tired and unusually sleepy, I had had a lot of trouble with some "indigestion" and other "issues", pregnancy test later, I was going to have a baby?  Are you kidding?  Not ready!
April 1, 1989, James Russell Earle, the other love of my life came to the world and changed my life.......although a boy was not my plan, I am so glad it was God's.
Then......there was another sleepy summer and wouldn't you know it, yep, bingo!  Jeff and I must have a mating season! 
March 19, 1991, Jensen Rae Earle, my mini mee was born!   I would one day leave this world but God made provision for someone else to carry the banner.  She is and always will be the heartbeat of the home!
No more sleepless summers, but, where has the time gone?  Why can't I remember some of the parties and events.  I want to but this fog I live in sometimes prohibits me from remembering. 
I can't believe I am the Mom of young adults! 
The beauty of it all is that in my heart they are my sweet baby boo's and that is something I will never forget.
Thank you Lord for my husband and our love for each other that produced two such wonderful human beings! 
Oh How He Loves You and Me.

WHAT are you wearing?

by joy earle on 03/06/11

I love my husband, really I do, but he has absolutely no fashion sense.  He has no idea why his grey sweatshirt that rides up on his belly doesn't really need to be worn up to the grocery and to the post office and then to the gas station out in public pumping gas as all of our neighbors drive by on their way home.  He can't take a few moments and change into one of his MANY nicely ironed button downs or even a soft crew neck in a solid color with no cat hair on it?  No, he can't because in his world, people don't care what you wear.

In my world however, people care!!!!!!
I feel like my world is where everyone lives.  Have you ever been there?  
Guess what?  Not a lot of people live in my world.  In fact, I am the only resident.  I sometimes forget that 25 years ago on March 8, 1986, Jeff Earle could have worn that silly sweatshirt to the church and I would have still married him,(he wouldn't dare) because my world was and is loving Jeff.
Tomorrow I will be cleaning closets while Jeff is out running errands; that sweatshirt that is too small?
It is history.  Happy 25th to me!

I need new glasses?

by joy earle on 08/14/10

So, I walk to the bathroom sink, grab the toothbrush, grab the tube of toothpaste, squirt it on the aforesaid brush and onto my front teeth; wasn't toothpaste at all, it was my benadryl cream!  We are getting our eyes checked next week!  I am glad though that I was able to share this with the family, they needed a laugh and I thought maybe you guys out there needed one too!   You are loved.

Yard Work; A Bonding Experience

by joy earle on 07/08/10

So, I'm like, "Honey, let's get out there and whip our front yard into shape!"  The reason this is important to me is that there is an unspoken competition in our little cul-de-sac, there are a few neighbors, since last summer's flower extravaganza in my yard, that want to take me down!  I have to stay in the running and with the sciatica and menapause, I need help.  So, what say a little marital bliss in the front yard?  Who wouldn't want that? 

Here comes Prince Charming in his bermudas and a hat.  Slowly but surely making his way to what I have already started.  Hands on his hips, looking, surveying what will be the next step and then delivering his assessment of the work so far.  "Um, dear? He started, " Why do you do everything caddycornered?  Don't you want to plant in straight lines?  Didn't you start with a plan before you started digging?  People don't water during the day, you have to do it at night.  Why are you using that shovel?  Did you put plant food in the ground?  Are you sure you should have gotten brown mulch?" 

So much for team work and togetherness, shut up Jeff.

BTW, yard looks great, a little crooked but great.

Today is the first day.........

by joy earle on 04/11/10

Of my blog!  Ok, so here is where we will exchange thoughts, experiences and stories of our lives to help each other along the way.  I know I need help and if you do, then please allow all of my mistakes help you learn something.  I want all of you guys to know that I am not so computer literate but I am willing to get  better at it, so........let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you tomorrow, you are loved.

ps,joy joy this is for you!