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"What She Meant Was............"

Through the process of self-discovery, I now understand why God gave me to Jeff for a lifetime. I just cannot keep my big ole mouth shut. God in all His wisdom knew that I would need a handler to communicate to others what I “really meant.”

For example, we were waiting for our soundcheck at a church in Texas, the gal assisting us had on the cutest maternity jumper, and I asked where she got it because it was hard to find cute maternity wear. Her response was painful, “I know it must be difficult for those that wear maternity clothes, I am not pregnant, this is just a large dress and my belly is big.” Cue Jeff, “Well what she really meant was…” Are ya’ll getting the picture?

We used to love to go to the mall; shopping was therapy at times. We found ourselves at Sears to get in on the sale of baby clothes. With the stroller and toddler in tow we needed to utilize the store elevator. We got on and as the doors began to close a woman in a wheelchair was rolling toward us, “Hold the door, please!” she shouted. We were hard pressed to find the open-door button so in a panic I just hollered, “Run!” Yes, another mishap, only this time Jeff just let the doors close rather than explain.

I had the occasion to speak at a lovely women’s event in South Carolina one weekend. Jeff isn’t fond of those events, in that they just don’t serve man-sized portions of anything. I traveled alone without an interpreter; this can be dangerous for so many reasons. I was seated at the head table with women from the committee and their guests. The two gals seated across from me, who appeared to be very close, introduced themselves as Barbara and Emily. I shook their hands and delivered the death blow to Barbara. “Is this your daughter?” The table erupted with nervous laughter as Emily informed me of the following, “We are both the same age!” Where is Jeff when you need him? God was gracious and merciful; the food was served and my mouth remained occupied for the balance of the evening. Barbara and Emily both left unscathed in that they each bought a CD; thank you, Lord, for mercy.

Truth be told: When someone approaches me after an event to let me know that my presentation was meant for them, I have no need for an interpreter, God took care of that. Jeff is not out of a job, but when it comes to the most important subject for life, the Author himself provides me with the script.

“God reached out, touched my mouth, and said; Look! I’ve just put my words in your mouth-hand delivered.” Jeremiah 1:9

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