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I Hope He Sends Flowers

It's true, women do like receiving the mother load of beautiful blossoms on the day of love. Although this was conjured up by a card company, it stuck and here we are.

My husband is long suffering if anything when it comes to being married to me. Seriously, there was a moment years ago when he stated, "From now on I am going to treat you like you treat me." To which I replied, "No! Please don't do that!" I am a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions and have difficulty sticking to my final decisions, especially when it comes to the color of my walls and my hair. Jeff is my source of calm and reason, a wonderful person. Hence my problem, this calm, patient and long suffering fella of mine has no clue when it comes to floral gifts. You would think after all of these years he would get the hint - I want flowers, so please pay extra for that one day of delivery and for the love of all that is holy don't buy them at Publix or Kroger with the lunchmeat, eggs and toilet paper. Oh I know what some of you are thinking....."That's expensive...." Ok, blah blah inflation blah. Here's the deal, I want to be working at my desk and have the whole office impressed when beautiful cascades of hydrangeas, roses and what nots come rolling in for one Joy Earle!

Now the truth, flowers don't last, we do what we can to keep them alive but they die and they die ugly. You know what lives on and never loses its bloom? Memories of sweet moments.

*First year of marriage we were out with another couple and walked the mall. I saw a sweater dress in the window and loved it.....days later it was boxed with a ribbon on my kitchen counter when I returned from work.

*Recently, I mentioned to him that the fragrance of pine from a candle purchased at Walmart was pleasing and helping me regain my sense of smell....there are now no pine candles left at the local Walmart, they are in my hall closet.

Remembering the special day of love is one thing, but making me feel special on just any day is priceless. The flowers can arrive by grocery cart or delivery and the message will be the same, "Happy Valentines Day sweetheart, I love you."

Here's to you flower hopefuls, I raise my dry hydrangea and wish you well!! You are loved.

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Feb 09, 2023

I love your stories, and when I read them, knowing you, I can actually hear your voice and laughter as I read them. You do such great work and are so inspirational to so many! THANK YOU for being such a "JOY"!!! Love you . . . Marilyn


Feb 09, 2023

I'm with you! I'll buy my own flowers from the grocery store (they say you can't impulse buy with Walmart grocery delivery but they are WRONG), but I love it when my husband gets them from an actual florist, at least in part because I know it takes effort. He knows I'm an acts of service girl. :)

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