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Oh, there's a blog?

Last night my husband Jeff and I were trying to decide the value of the website and its usefulness to me. Jeff's question posed to me gave great pause as he inquired, "Do you ever use the blog?" My reply was uttered under my breath, "I forgot I had one, oops sorry."

I have been so wrapped up in life stuff, you know the usual normal stuff like going back to college to finish what I started 40 years ago? Nothing like working a full time job and taking college courses that force you to sacrifice weekend rest and summer fun. The best part of going back to college was finishing and being proud that I didn't cheat! I received my diploma this week in the mail and will walk in a ceremony in May. I won't lie I had to look up Summa Cum Laude to make sure they had not made a mistake but sure enough, I am an honor student with a degree in Communications! If you knew me in high school or my brief tour of college in the 70s you know this is nothing short of the good Lord parting the sea. You would have never thought to put my name in a list with honor students, but sure enough there it is. It was time consuming but worth every minute of it, and now I am going to use my communication expertise to blog my thoughts to you on the regular, I am like the scarecrow in Wizard of Oz.....I have a brain!

Suffice to say, I am blogging. This is me blogging. Thoughts and fun will abound once I get my footing but until then, please know that you are loved!

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